Change a registrar

Transferring a domain in 3 easy steps

How to change domain registrator in Uzbekistan

If your domain is registered with another uz domain registrator, but you order hosting from us, it may be more convenient for you to pay all bills for the domain and virtual hosting together at a time. In such and other cases, we offer you to transfer  your domain easily, quickly and completely free of charge to us. The domain will be transferred smoothly, never ceasing to work..

Transfer domain with 3 easy steps!


Make sure that the transferred domain is registered in your name or organization of yours.


Send a mesage to the email of the previous registrator, which is currently in your domain as the following pattern:

Subject: Transfer the"domain name" to another registrator

Text of the letter: Please transfer the “domain name” under the management of the official registrator Best Internet Solution LLC (Eskiz IT Company).


Send a message to our e-mail address:

Subject: Please accept the "domain name" for your managment

Text of the letter: Please accept the "domain name" from “previous registerator’s name” to the management of your company.


If you are an individual - The letter must be sent from the e-mail specified during domain registration.

If you are a juridical person- the letter should be sent on a letterhead with a company seal.


- The domain registrator is obliged to transfer the domain to us within two working days after receiving the letter from you.

- If you paid for a domain for several years in advance, you do not need to pay again before the expiration of the registration period.